Sage Daniels and Nathan Hawke 1297 Views

This scene opens with some tender kissing as Nathan gets on his knees and starts to work over Sage’s rock hard cock. Nathan tongues and licks Sage’s heavy loaded nuts as devours Sage’s stiff woody.Sage throws Nathan on his back and starts to lick and rim Nathan’s smooth pink hole. Sage eats and ravages his butt hole as he gets in ready for a deep raw ride.Sage lifts Nathan up onto all fours and slowly starts to poke the tip of his dick into Nathan’s waiting hole. Nathan wastes no time and shows Sage that he is ready for raw cock as he pushes back onto Sage’s rod with ease.The sex intensifies as Sage thrusts his cock into Nathan’s greedy hole. Sage grabs Nathan’s hips and starts to ride his ass deep and fast.Sage throws Nathan downs onto his stomach and pile drives his cock into Nathan’s gaping hole without missing a beat. Sage grabs Nathan and flips him onto his back, spread his legs wide and sticks his cock back into Nathan… much to his delight.Looking into Nathan’s face and eyes Sage pumps Nathan’s greedy hole like the Stud that he is. Nathan doesn’t hesitate and begs Sage to “Shove that dick deep in my ass”.The sex reaches its peak as Sage’s shoots his nut all over Nathan’s pulsing hole, Sage scoops up the cum, uses it as lube and continues to fuck Nathan with it. Nathan can hear how sloppy his hole is from Sage

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