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This scene opens with Nicky Wells firmly planted on his knees sucking and servicing Marc’s hard wood. Nicky devours Marc’s thick cock… licking, sucking and slurping on it… Marc returns the favor and wastes no time getting his lips wrapped around Nicky’s throbbing cock. After working over his prick for a few more minutes, Marc flips Nicky around and tongues his hole deep getting it ready for his own big cock. Nicky, with his legs spread wide open, begs for Marc’s hard cock to fuck him raw… Nicky gets his wish as Marc drills his bare cock deep into Nicky’s willing hole… Nicky shows Marc what a greedy and hungry ass he has for his cock as he rides Marc’s cock, front and reverse cowboy style… Bobbing up and down… Never missing a stride Nicky’s ass swallows Marc’s huge cock whole with room to spare… Marc takes back control of Nicky’s ass, throws him on the floor, bends him over and proceeds to fuck his hole beyond belief. Marc explodes all over Nicky’s hole, pushes the load dripping on his hole, into his hole while he continues to sperm fuck Nicky to the last drop… Knowing how sloppy and cum filled his hole is now, Nicky isn’t able to hold his wad for much longer as he spews his juice all over his chest and stomach while still getting nailed by Marc… The scene concludes with Marc licking and sampling the loads off of Nicky’s chest and feeding it back to Nicky off the tip of his tongue… these horny guys share a sweet kiss and a last taste of one another.

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