Buster Sly and Seth Woods 1585 Views

After seeing how well Seth fucked the ass off of Rich Wrangler… we knew that we wanted to have Seth back in our scenes and featured on our site… And what a perfect pairing… to match him up with recently discovered bottom Buster Sly… Seth waste’s no time in offering his big thick uncut cock to Buster… Buster sucks, swallows, and basically devours that cock whole… working his magic on that stick… Buster gets Seth rock hard and begs him to fuck him raw deep and hard… Seth sticks his cock deep inside Buster’s eager black ass and drills it home…in and out… all raw… and all bareback… Not only is the audience treated to a flip fuck as part of this scene…. But so is Seth… Buster, after being fucked long and hard…turns the tables on Seth… He bends him over and flip fucks Seth with his big black cock…. Seth squeals in delight and takes all that cock deep and long… After both guys are satisfied in satisfying each others need for cock in their holes…both studs spray huge wads of cum all Buster and share in the spoils… Seth delights in being able to lick Buster clean of all of the load…and does not hesitate to share and snowball it back and forth with Buster…

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