Buster Sly and Diego Cruz 1428 Views

This scene opens with some sloppy ass eating and finger fucking… Buster Sly is devouring Diego’s raw hole… Diego pushes back many times onto Buster’s talented tongue… in anticipation of his huge cock. Buster instead makes Diego wait and flips him over and in turn, gobbles up Diego’s huge headed fat cock… Swallowing his cock deep almost to the point of gagging and choking… Diego becomes relentless on Buster’s mouth as he pushes Buster’s face deeper and deeper onto his cock…Diego gets his turn next and buries his face into Buster’s crotch working his huge black cock to hard readiness. Diego’s talented deep throat sucks and swallows Buster’s raw dick.Diego can’t wait any longer he spreads his ass cheeks and sits on Buster’s fat raw cock cowboy style. Diego rides that cock like the champ that he is all while Buster is stroking his big fat flopping cock…Buster throws Diego on his back, legs over the shoulder in an ankle grip and nails Diego’s ass deep, hard and raw… Diego’s cock is hard as steel as he is getting fucked and Buster doesn’t hold back and just drills Diego’s hole open…Buster rides Diego side saddle, doggie, then on his stomach ensuring that every inch of his black cock gets planted into Diego’s hole…Buster then takes a seat in the chair, and instructs Diego to ride his cock like he means it… Diego’s ass swallows Buster’s cock whole as he rides that dick solid. Diego’s own huge fat cock is hard as nails flopping and bobbing back and forth…The sex heats up another notch as these studs move back to the bed… Diego sits back down on Buster’s raw dick and milks his cock dry… Buster can’t hold his load any longer and blows his huge nut all over Diego’s hole and then pushes his cummy cock back into Diego’s ass as he continues to fuck more cum into him…Diego continues to get fucked by Buster and blasts a huge spraying gush of cum from his heavy hanging balls… Buster is only too quick to bend down and lick Diego’s fingers and cock clean of the cumshot…The scene closes these horny guys sharing a sweet kiss and each other’s load.

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