Jason Fury and Devon Scott 1518 Views

Jason and Devon start off in the bathtub together… winding down, relaxing, and getting hornier and hornier by the minute… Devon can’t wait to get a taste of Jason’s thick big headed pierced cock. Both these guys work up enough of a sweat to finish up in the bathroom and move the fun into the bedroom… and fun in the bedroom is what we get… Devon becomes a total cock whore for Jason’s prick and begs Jason to give him the fucking of his lifetime… Jason shows us his aggressive dominant side and why he knows what he wants and doesn’t hesitate to take it… Jason throws Devon’s legs up in the air, over the shoulders, straddles and mounts Devon’s ass like it was a trampoline… all while Devon is begging for it harder and deeper… the sex is real, authentic, and totally unscripted… We get some great penetration shots while Jason is drilling Devon over the canopy of the bed… All of which is leading up to some explosive cum shots… After pile driving and slam fucking Devon’s ass to a pulp… Jason is just about ready to explode… and what a huge load of cum he delivers… He spurts and sprays streams of cum all over the bedroom mirror… with Devon on hands and knees in front of the mirror… watching… and waiting for Jason to feed him his reward… Freshly shot cum… Devon’s licks, sucks, and slops up all of Jason’s jizz from the mirror not leaving but a drop… Jason gives us a high five for the royal fucking that he just drilled into Devon… and Devon gives us that look of

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