Jason Fury + Clint Rodman 3450 Views

Jason and Clint wake up in the morning extremely horny and each with a typical morning hard on that just won’t go down…The action starts off very sensually with some passionate kissing and necking, crotch rubbing, nipple licking… you know the entire fun warm up stuff…but not for long…Jason wastes no time in getting his face into Clint’s crotch…Jason starts kissing, licking, and sucking Clint’s cock…stroking Clint’s cock shaft with his hands and tongue…Clint flips over and a hot 69 session start with these guys…Clint devours Jason’s thick meaty cock…tickling his freshly shaved balls with the tip of his tongue… using his front teeth on Jason’s P.A…licking and rubbing his face and chin into Jason’s crotch… working Jason’s cock to it’s hardest…getting it ready for his deep willing crack…Jason starts fucking Clint by throwing his legs over the shoulders…and gives Clint a deep hard fucking… Clint is looking right up at Jason and begging him to fuck him deeper and harder…Jason switches positions and fucks Clint on his side…spreading Clint’s ass cheeks and legs and drilling into Clint sideways…Jason works up a great sweat and basically rolls Clint over…and Clint starts to ride Jason’s cock cowboy style…Jason spreads Clint’s cheeks wide and pile drives Clint’s ass from below…Clint is screaming wildly from how deep Jason’s cock is inside him…Still riding Jason cowboy style…Clint turns around and uses his ass to fuck Jason’s cock…using his hole to slam fuck his cock…Jason takes Clint’s ass one last time doggie style… pile drives Clint’s ass from behind and underneath… all while Clint’s ass is gaping open waiting for more…Jason blast his huge wad of cum all over Clint’s sweet face and smooth chest and stomach…Clint almost immediately shoots his wad and blast’s his juice like a cum fountain all over Jason’s face and lips…Each get kiss and make out getting a sweet taste of each other’s cum

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